3 Crazy Things You Need to Do to Change Your Life

Want to change your life?  Here are 3 things that only “crazy” (successful and happy) people do:

  1. Talk to yourself (affirmations)

Write and speak positive affirmations!  You are what you absorb!  That includes what you think.  The fastest way to change how you think is to start giving yourself new, better, more empowering thoughts!  That is where affirmations come in.  Write down 5 positive affirmations and start speaking them out loud, write them down, meditate on them EVERY DAY!  When you change your THOUGHTS you can change your life!

2.   Make believe (act as if)

You need to realize that what you desire already exists in this world.  And all you have to do is ACT your way toward getting it.  If you want to be the head of your division at work, you need to ACT AS IF you already are.  Do the things you need to do to get to your desired goal.  Express gratitude for the things that you already have in your life and for the things that you have not yet manifested.  They are out there and the Universe is waiting for you to realize this.  Every night I thank God for the wonderful people in my business.  I thank Him for the Consultants and clients that I currently have on my Arbonne team and I thank Him for the ones that are on their way.  I know that they are out there so I am taking the next right steps needed to manifest them into my life and business!

3.   Take off your clothes (take off doubt and put on faith)

Believe it or not, you are walking around clothed in either doubt or faith.  Take a look in the mirror and, if necessary, take off your clothes!  It is a choice.  Take off  your doubt and fear and choose to put on faith every day.  You need to arm yourself with gratitude, faith and love if you want to conquer the doubt, worry and fear that you are currently walking around in.  Here’s something to ponder: It takes the same amount of energy and time to choose faith than it takes to choose doubt, so then why the heck would you ever choose anything other than faith, positivity and love?  Change your MIND, change your ACTIONS and change your CHOICES.  You may feel crazy at first, but soon, with consistent effort, you will become crazy happy and successful!  And that sure feels damn good!


What other crazy things do you do to help you change your life?  I’m always learning new ways.  What are some of your favorites?



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