Saying yes ( & four things to remember)

Hey, that’s me! Post “yes” (AKA happy, hopeful me!)

This is a story of “yes”

The Scared stupid, blind and in the dark, but do it anyway kind of “yes”.

Sometimes you find yourself stuck.  Like, really stuck.  Without necessarily noticing at first.  But…definitely stuck.  In a pile of rapidly drying cement in the bottom of a mud pit stuck. I’m being dramatic, but when you are in it, it feels awful.  How does one get unstuck, you might be asking?  My advice to you is say “yes”.  During this time the word “yes” started me on the path to pulling me out.  Shaking scared, not sure why I said yes.  But I did.  Yes.  These little decisions set in motion changes, sometimes indecipherable, sometimes monumental.  And then what happens is just incredible.  They start adding up.  Snowballing, quickly picking up speed and circumference as it rolls.  This is a story of just such a yes.  I’ve never been approached by anyone about social marketing before.  At least I never noticed if I did.  But something happened in May of 2016 that set in motion a sequence of events that have changed my life.  I hosted an invitational gymnastics meet at the sports complex where I work, The WISC.  We had vendors there and one was a mom of a gymnast on the team.  At the end of the meet, my friend Tracie said that “this mom” had given me a gift to say thank you.  By this time, we were closing down our largest meet to that point and I was exhausted.  I took the white and green paper bag and threw it into my bag and went home.  That was it.  I’m sure I tried the samples inside at some point.  I mean I vaguely remember doing so.  But nothing ever clicked.  Fast forward (I wish! That year was slow and tortuous as I sank lower and lower into my current pit) to the end of 2016 when, lo and behold, the same mom had a vendor spot at our next invitational.  This time I got to know her a little bit because she had to help do some work for the meet we were hosting as parents always do.  I was in a really poor, unfit for human consumption type of mood that day.  My pit had all but swallowed me whole and I had the symptoms (daily!) to prove it.  Achy stomach, headaches, pains all over, constant “head trash” repeating in my mind…it was dreadful.  I just remember the one-one-one time with her (I found out her name was Leanne) was uplifting, light and cheery.  I remember thinking how kind she was.  And gorgeous and fit and so on.  She gave me another little bag of samples that day too. This time, I took the time, tried them out and LOVED them.  They made me feel amazing.  My skin never felt this good from the skincare samples and the protein shake mix was THE BEST I had ever had.  And my tummy didn’t hurt anymore.  But I digress. Back to the incredible things that happened as a result of my saying yes.   I immediately friended her on Facebook as is typical for this day and age.  And I watched.  And watched.  This mom. “How was she driving a Mercedes?  Wait, is that her walking on a huge stage?  Is she a model?  What is happening?!”  I was dripped on and dripped on with these posts, until finally I HAD to learn how she was doing this. “These products; can I buy them?  From you?  Oh ok.  So yeah I’ll get the protein, those amazing little energy fizz things and yes, digestive help! Yes!  I need this.”  And so it went.  I became a client of Leanne’s.  And I continued to watch.  Feeling better and better with my gut health.  No more sick feeling tummy (turns out I can’t have whey protein like so many others and this one is vegan and made with pea, brown rice and cranberry).  Then one day, Leanne asked if I would host a get together for her.  I said sure, these products are amazing and I’d love to learn more.  A few days later she said “would you be my guest at our next Discover Arbonne meeting?”  I replied “umm, yeah.”  I knew I wanted to go, but I was hesitant to make the drive to Hampton.  But I did.  I went and I learned so much, and long story short (too late-ha!), I decided to start my own Arbonne business.  My party turned into a business launch party and I started on my way!  This literally started because of one yes, because of amazing products and because one person, Leanne, had given me hope in the face of my dwindling life outlook. Eighteen months into my business, I am a District Manager (1st of only 4 levels of management in Arbonne), I am a building a team of like-minded visionary people and teaching them how to make simple positive changes in their lives.  I am teaching people how to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.  I am being guided by supportive, honest and NORMAL people who WANT me to succeed.  However, the BEST result of saying “yes” to Arbonne is the personal growth that I have invested in (books, lectures, conferences, meetings!) that have shaped me into a more present, focused, happy and successful person IN ALL OTHER PARTS OF MY LIFE!  As a Mom, a Program Director, a leader, in my health, my spirituality, my marriage and beyond.

There is more that I need and want to do.  I am entering into an exciting time in my life.  I will be taking on new challenges at work and expanding on what is possible for myself, my health, my Arbonne business and my family.

If you take away one thing from this story, I want it to be this.  One positive change can create a domino effect of more positive changes.  You are never too stuck to be saved.  It is never too late.  And the best news is, when life happens (and it always does), by putting into practice these few things, you will get better and better at pulling yourself out of the pit.  To sum up:

  1. Say yes, even if you are scared.
  2. Invest in yourself because you can only influence people to the extent that you have grown personally. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
  3. Enjoy the process. Fall in love with the journey.  Don’t focus on the outcome because some days you won’t see the changes you think you should.
  4. Let it roll. When new opportunities manifest, keep on going.  Don’t stop the momentum.  This is how it works.  “Action precedes motivation.”

Love you all and I hope you all MAKE a good day.



  1. Jenn

    January 18, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Great advice, wonderfully written!

  2. Cartie

    January 18, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Love!!! Interested!!! Need to say YES more!!

  3. Jen

    January 18, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Captivating! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing more about your journey and being part of it along the way!

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